Funky Chairs – How to Spice Up Your Space

Want some funky chairs to spice up your decor? It’s the way to get In with the In crowd!

But first, what IS a funky chair? The dictionary defines funky as “Characterized by originality and modishness; unconventional.” Some people use this as their entire decor, incorporating bright, sometimes contrasting colors along with unusual shapes and patterns to create a striking space. Others incorporate one or two pieces to “jazz up” an otherwise traditional decorating scheme.

A chair is the perfect option for the second scenario. Chairs generally are a cost-effective furniture investment; they can be both useful and decorative at the same time. They don’t cost as much as a sofa or loveseat, and are much easier to move into your space, no matter how small.

A funky chair may incorporate colors not seen in nature-psychedelic orange, or a leopard-skin pattern in silver lame. It may be oversized, or undersized. Or it could come in a shape that makes a statement about you.

Funky chairs come shaped as music notes, shoes, hands, squares, balls, and more. One of your first considerations if you’re thinking of a funky chair is, will it be used more for decoration or for actual comfortable sitting? Some funky chairs have no back on them, or the seat is higher or lower than standard seating height. These chairs may be uncomfortable for sitting in for a long time, for instance, the entire length of a movie.

Others are clearly made for comfort, with thick cushions and arms. Some have wide, flat arms on which you could set your dinner plate. A funky chair may actually be shaped more like a conventional chair, but have a pattern or color scheme that clearly makes it funky. Purple stripes with green polka-dots would definitely qualify.

Funky chairs are outstanding choices for children’s rooms, and even for teenagers. How about a ballerina chair with a tulle skirt around the bottom? Or a chair with flames on it, for a budding race car driver? There are all kinds of funky chairs out there that will make your youngster smile and add some personality to the room.

A funky chair purchase can be the thing that livens up a furniture arrangement that’s otherwise composed of hand-me-down or second hand furniture. Sometimes you don’t have the money to put together a living room out of Architectural Digest. If that’s the case, consider stating your own style with just one outstanding piece.

You can scour furniture showrooms for funky chairs, and there are companies that specialize in retro or funky furniture of all kinds. Of course, the Internet has been a boon to people shopping for cutting-edge furniture like this.

So if you need to spice up your life-as well as your living space-consider a funky chair one of the easiest and most fun ways to do it.

Source by Patrick Slater

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