Gabbeh Rugs Tell a Story

Ever been to a home where eras merge in a symphony of style, or where artfully placed collectibles, bric-a-bric, and home accent pieces become instant d├ęcor? If your answer is yes, then you’d most likely agree there’s a visual and tactile thrill that can be experienced in setting foot in such a house.

One of the growing trends that can add warmth and, in certain instances, inject old-world intensity to a home – through eye-catching shades, unique fabric, dramatic prints, and excellent craftsmanship – is the use of gabbeh rugs. Even in this day and age when most people have a limited attention span and tend to gravitate towards flimsy disposable furniture, unique home accent pieces like hand-woven rugs that bring a piece of history lend character to a home and arouse interest.

Gabbeh rugs, which mirror the tribal tradition of nomadic people from Iran, prove that great design and excellent craftsmanship will never fade away. Whether it’s for a spacious living room highlighted by modern and eclectic furnishings or a private room like a den which contains home dwellers’ collectibles like music, books or furniture pieces, a gabbeh rug makes a statement.

Homeowners with a thing for rich, thick Persian rugs will find a gabbeh rug worth the purchase. Simply stepping on it – given its lustrous handspun, Persian wool material and dyes made from natural substances – can be a delight. For some people, the rug may be crudely knotted albeit charming paintings. Some designs may simply be a succession of geometric shapes, stripes, and diagonals, or mini animals, in myriad colors, but these rugs tell a story. They mirror part of the culture of the nomadic Qashqai tribal people around Shiraz in southern Iran.

Gabbeh design traditions date back decades ago, but the traditional patterns have inspired artists and producers to commission local weavers to produce new-generation gabbeh carpets & rugs with vegetal dyes. The result is an improvised line of playful and delightful rugs suited for contemporary homes.

A dense but clean & simple gabbeh area rug is a great way to break a monotonous looking room and create a more interesting space. While a gabbeh rug can certainly adorn the interiors of the most exquisitely furnished modern home or outstandingly old-fashioned house, it can perk up the outdoor areas as well. Such a versatile type of rug not only adds allure to a room but withstands outdoor elements as well. Most outdoor area rugs are quite easy to clean and can resist mildew, stains, and fading.

Speaking of hard-wearing rugs, choose those which will be suited to the theme of your home. If you have a country-inspired house, a big rooster wool area rug in the entry hall leading to the living room will capture your guests’ attention. Braided area rugs or rooster rugs are also suited for the kitchen or patio area. Some people may not be that familiar with a rooster rug, which traces its origins to Saudi Arabia. In any case, it is one of those tough yet lightweight, colorfast rugs which may be made with olefin that allows the rugs to retain their shape and weather well under the sun.

Source by Araceli Sims

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