Gambling: Are there websites that give you free vouchers to credit your pokerstars account?

There has been a lot of activity on my boyfriends pokerstars account history lately. Saying UKASH payment which I know is a voucher you can buy for online purchases if you don’t have a debit card. He claims that the credit has come from freeroll websites that offer vouchers for free credit. I was just wondering if there is any truth in this??? I feel like he is just gambling our money away.

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3 Responses to “Gambling: Are there websites that give you free vouchers to credit your pokerstars account?”

  1. pdq says:

    Of course he is gambling your money away. Don’t let him fool you.

    Know this above all else – If someone is addicted to gambling, (which he likely is), THEY WILL LIE!!! They will lie, they will lie, they will lie!

    You said "our money". If you have a joint account with him, I would be quick to separate your finances else you go broke.

    If he is playing with REAL money, he did NOT get that real money from freerolls. Can you win free money from freerolls? Yes, but it’s extraordinarily unlikely, and even if he really did win, it would likely be a pound or two.

    He is almost certainly gambling. Make him prove to you what the UKASH payments were for. Did he buy a DVD? Did he buy a scarf? I don’t think so.

  2. pondlife says:

    There are sites that will set you up with free bonuses/deposits but not really for existing accounts unless it is through the original referrer/poker site. They would normally credit you directly on the site. There is no benefit to anyone else once you have already joined as there is nothing for them to gain from giving away money. That excuse sounds pretty dodgy to me. There could be a number of different sources for that money – some form of laundering or tax evasion so you should try to find out the truth if you are involved.
    Surely you can check if it is your money though – look at your bank account and see where the money is going. It’s a good thing to do anyway considering the number of things we pay for with credit cards/ direct debit these days. Several times I’ve spotted a monthly payment that shouldn’t be going out for something I never meant to sign up for.

  3. Rakeback says:

    I have played on numerous online sites, and any freerolls awarding cash always credit your account. I have never known Ukash vouchers to be awarded. Sites always want you to continue playing on their site, awarding these vouchers would mean you could deposit it elsehwere.
    Sites offering free money without having to deposit –

    Ask him to show you the site they came from. If it’s for PokerStars credit, I highly doubt he is telling the truth, I have never known them to do anything like that with affiliates.

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