Gamestation Gift Card Question?

Okay, so last year, I traded in a few games. I ended up getting £61 for them, and only needed £40, so £21 got put on a gift card. On Tuesday, I plan to get the Survival Edition of the new Tomb Raider. (I can’t wait! <3) I'm going to trade in some more games to get up to £40, but I was wondering if I can redeem the Gamestation voucher at GAME, since that's where I'm getting it from.
I'm just making sure if I can. If not, I can always trade the games in at Gamestation, and use the voucher as well.

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3 Responses to “Gamestation Gift Card Question?”

  1. R.J says:

    I think you can, I know I can do it in the city were I live as our Gamestation went down the shiter…

  2. JTK says:

    If It’s a gamestation voucher, I’d think that you’d have to use it at gamestation.
    You could try and ask Game if they would take it but I don’t think they would.

  3. Katie M.S Martin says:

    No it has to be used at Gamestation even though gamestation is connected with Game their still 2 different shops.
    You could always ask but the chanses are 99.9% chance you have to trade them in at gamestation to use your giftcard.

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