Gaming Computer For £400?

Can anyone suggest what parts to buy for a 400 sterling gaming pc.
The pc has to have an evga gtx 650 ti or higher graphics card.
The parts have to be from or
Parts not needed monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, operating system

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2 Responses to “Gaming Computer For £400?”

  1. Bringing Salvation says:

    gaming pc dont even bother trying to build a gaming pc from scratch as you wont be able to on a 400 budget best you can get…

  2. Falc0nPu says:

    400 only for the case !?!? if yes …’ll have to go for AMD
    2.some of the stuff you’ll have to buy as (pre-owned, new-other, seller refurbished…)
    but yeah you could probably do that why not…
    of course don’t expect to be able to play crysis 3 maxed out 1080p though you’ll be able to play games at good quality

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