Geforce 260 Vs Geforce 630 Which Is Better?

Please answer quick also it this computer any good for gaming forget about price

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3 Responses to “Geforce 260 Vs Geforce 630 Which Is Better?”

  1. vishnu rocx says:

    gt 630 i weak it is not even considered as a gaming card
    get atleast gtx 550ti

  2. CaptainC says:

    If you’re able, spend about £150 more and build the system instead of having it made. You’ll get vastly better results than this computer. Just a thought if you’re considering buying it.
    Edit: See if you can get two 460’s on ebay, they should be decent and only about £140 if you shop wisely – Should be as good as a 660.

  3. Lex says:

    the 630 is better. The higher numbers mean better card.
    That PC would be ok for gaming, it’s not exactly a beast though. Ideally, for a mid range gaming PC, you’d have at least 6gb of ram at 1600mhz, and a geforce GTX 560 or 660, or even something like a 660ti which is slighty better. You could get a PC like that for the same price as the one in that link, if you were to search in the right places. I’d recommend They’ll build a PC for you but you have to email them with your budget, the kind of PC you want and what you wanna use it for

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