George Formby Films Any Good?

My dads birthday is coming up an i was thinking of buying him something good to watch. on amazon i found a dvd boxset film collection of someone called george formby heres the link:
Do these films have good comedy
My dad usually enjoys classic comedy like dads army and mind your language. are these anything like them

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2 Responses to “George Formby Films Any Good?”

  1. Mr S London (XLV) says:

    George Formby was a very famous Ukelele player who had a Heart Attack & passed away in 1961 ! He was domineered by his wife ! The most famous of his songs was/is ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ ! I can’t think of any of George Formby’s Films that come to mind ! They would be older than me, as I am only 47+ years of age & born in 1965 after George Formby died !
    N.B. The late Sir Norman Wisdom was a Comedy Star in his famous Films – e.g. ‘Trouble in Store’ & ‘The Early Bird’ etc. ! HMV Stores in the U.K. have been doing really cheap deals on the Boxset of his Classic Films ! Check out Sir Norman Wisdom / HMV Stores etc. !

  2. LadyMert says:

    george formby was more 1930’s
    if your dad likes comedy more from the 60’s-70’s try
    Doctor in the House
    Rising Damp
    Are you Being Served
    On the Buses

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