Get the Best, Brightest Pictures Possible From a New HD Television

When a state-of-the-art high definition television is lined up alongside a traditional TV with the old-fashioned cathode ray tube technology, the differences are obvious, and the benefits immediately apparent. The latest LCD televisions look much more compact and stylish. It’s possible to have a far bigger screen and yet for it to take up less space, thanks to the ingenious means by which it can be fixed to a wall or any other solid surface.

The main factor limiting the viewing of high-definition TV at present is simply the number of programmes being made to be shown in this format. An HD TV won’t automatically turn a programme filmed conventionally into a high-definition extravaganza. This is why many of the main TV channels have separate channels dedicated to showing both non-HD and HD programming.

Sky and Virgin TV customers can get HD television channels for an extra charge on top of their subscription, while Freesat offers a free HD service. Again, not everything available through these services is broadcast in HD quality, so the user must listen for announcements or check programme listings details to find out which shows will be shown this way.

HD-ready or full HD televisions have been on sale for a few years now, but the former can only be used to watch programmes in full high definition if they are used in conjunction with an HD service subscription, available through either Sky or Virgin Media. A set-top box which will then decode the TV signal and allow HD viewing will be included in the cost of this.

Alternatively, a Freesat or Freeview HD box can be bought for a one-off payment. There are no ongoing monthly subscription charges, and it is then possible to watch all HD output. The complete cinema-style experience is finished off with a home cinema system through which the full scale and grandeur of HD Dolby digital sound can be appreciated.

But no matter which model you choose, a great benefit of choosing an LCD HD TV is the saving which can be achieved due to an LCD display being far more economical to run than a plasma one. HD televisions offer sharper, better quality images than many cathode ray or plasma screens, yet the savings in power consumption make them a sensible choice from an environmental point of view.

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