Get Your Free Quibids Bids

Quibids free bids can be used by all bidders, both new and old, to increase the total bids they have. This translates directly into savings because each bid costs $ 0.60. Therefore, free Quibids bids will help you save even more on your shopping at Quibids.

They are also good for skeptics who would first like to try the site out before investing money. Since these bids are free, the users can see for themselves that Quibids is in fact legitimate. In fact, if you are new to the site or to penny auctions in general, this is a very nice way to check out the business model so you get accustomed to the bidding. Remember that these are quite different from traditional auctions like eBay, so it takes time to understand the bidding mod.

Here are the various ways in which you can get free Quibids bids –

Free Quibids bids with Badges
Badges is a recently introduced phenomenon at Quibids. These badges are given for activity and other achievements. Badges can be accessed from your member home area. The area also shows all the other badges that you can win. There are badges for a number of different activities at Quibids. You can see a whole list of Qubids badges. Each badge comes with some free bids. You should therefore look for the badges that you can win easily and help you get free badges. There are several Quibids strategies you can employ even to win badges.

Free Quibids bids with Special Auctions
This is also a recent addition to Quibids. There are special "hybrid" auctions being introduced where the product includes the usual product like the gift card and also some additional free Quibids bids. Therefore it would be a $ 50 gift card and 15 free bids. So if you are specifically looking for an item to bid on at Quibids, always check if it comes with some free bids. Not a lot of Quibids auctions are hybrid, but you can find some of them. This is a nice way to rake up some additional bids for future bidding.

Free Quibids Bids on Birthday
This is a nice little gesture from Quibids. You are given 5 free Quibids bids on your birthday. Be sure to enter this information on you profile so they know when to add the bids to your account. Some people have reported a problem with getting these free bids in their account. If this is the case, I suggest you contact their customer service.

Free Quibids Bids on Joining Facebook Page
To attract more people to their Facebook page, the site is giving away 10 free Quibids bids to anyone who joins their Facebook page. Since this does not really take any effort form your side, it is a good way to get some additional free bids to bid on the various products.

An added benefit is that there are daily contests where you can win a further 10 free bids if you are the winner. Personally I am not a big fan of the type of questions they ask but that is certainly not universal. If you are lucky, you could win some additional bids on the way.

Free Quibids Bids on Registering With Quibids Coupon Code
Like most penny auctions, Quibids gives away free bids on joining. These are good for beginners to get started and you could win a product or two with these, without ever having to spend a nickel on the site. It is also a great way to get introduced to the system.

Source by Sid Kal

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