Getting My 1 Year Old Cat Spayed?

I have been putting off getting her spayed because I hadn’t got the money. Literally penniless.
So my mum got a voucher for her and my cat is being spayed tomorrow. I haven’t had a spayed female cat since 2003. Only males. Minnie has never been in heat. Thank God. She’s crazy right now, I’d hate to think what she would have done if she did go into heat.
Her mum was about under a year when she had her.
My questions are:
Why hasn’t she been in heat yet? Unless it’s silent. Although she hasn’t been calling or lifting her rear up.
She’s one this month. Do some females come into heat late?
She’s an indoor cat and leaps onto stuff. Me mostly while I’m in bed.
She tries to eat you. How to describe…Minnie will bite you, her uncle and my other cat have never done this. Is this because she is a female?
She stays away from the dogs and has freedom of upstairs. She is too afraid to come down.
I have only spayed the female dogs in the house so this is different, I know the incision is on the side of her, I remember that from years ago.

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