Gift For A Girl I Like?? Girls Please?

The girl i like turns 21 in a few weeks and i was just wondering if she will love this gift or feel it is too much and a bit creepy from someone who is not in a relationship with her?
Basically i am working in another country at the minute. We were quite friendly before i left and i talk to her from time to time on FB and i am thinking of sending her a £50 gift voucher for an online retailer in the post for her birthday!
The girl knows i like her but i am not sure how she feels about me.
Would she appreciate this gift or think it is a bit too much and get freaked out? How should she react if she likes me or just sees me as a friend?

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3 Responses to “Gift For A Girl I Like?? Girls Please?”

  1. Marie says:

    If you can afford to wast £50 then go for it. I would just send a birthday card, she could be married.

  2. princess pawnstar says:

    well now…you say you hardly know her!!! sounds silly to me!!! never can be too careful mate!!! if you still feel you like her that much go for something small that wont be nicked!!! (stolen!!!)

  3. Ben says:

    dude girls love shopping more than anything so ur basicslly giving her everything she wants in one card
    go for it

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