Gift Ideas For Two Different People?

I need some ideas for gifts for my boyfriend, and my best friend. The problem isn’t that I don’t know them, the problem is that they pretty much have everything they like so I’m not sure what to get them.
My best friend like makeup, clothes, shoes, she like mean girls(the movie), coffee, the Beatles, the 80’s, limes, she was born in Serbia, ShayCarl on youtube, Jimmy Kimmel, and she can sometimes be easily entertained. She’s not a middle school girly girl or whatever, so no lame gifts please. She has a job, she’s president of my class, and she’s in the national honor society as well. It needs to be something fitting to what she likes, but nothing that a 11 year old would want because she’s not a kid.
My boyfriend and i have been together for 19 months, hes a major gamer. He’s got a gaming laptop, a 360, a ps3, he has a gaming mouse and headphones, he likes halo but already has the Halo series, his favorite movie is Never Back Down, he likes the color blue, he thinks wolves are really bad ***, I can’t get him anything music related because his music taste is constantly changing, and he likes the brand Volcom.
for my bff I was thinking like a gift card to Starbucks, mean girls DVD, a poster of something she likes (she already has a Beatles poster), maybe a gift card to a makeup store, but no gift cards to clothing stores because she works at her favorite clothing store and already gets big discounts.
For my Bf I was thinking Never Back down DVD, a shirt with something wolf or halo 4 related, a 3 month xbl membership, or a WoW membership…or just cash because he’s the type who is ok with just cash. Please tell me what you think or give me new suggestions! If you’ve read this far thanks in advance!!

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One Response to “Gift Ideas For Two Different People?”

  1. Winters Weeping says:

    Give them both $50.

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