Gift Vouchers as Gifts ? Opinions Please.?

Hi, I know this might sound a like a stupid question but I have always wondered why we recieve gift vouchers for gifts instead of just the money, as nowadays you can get gift vouchers that you can use in shops anywhere as there is alot more chioce now.

Also do people like getting gift vouchers for presents, if so why and if you dont why ?

Im asking this question because for years, I couldnt see the point in getting vouchers as I used to think that there was hardly anywhere to spend them and sometimes I used to recieve them just for one shop. But now a days. I am finding it really hard to get people presents and thinking of buying gift vouchers so they can get what they like. Instead of me spending the same amount on a prezzie they dont like.

I could always give cash, but I dont know weather people are offended by recieving cash, as a gift voucher looks more nicer. I personnaly dont mind weather its cash or a voucher. Im just wondering what other people will think.

I was thinking of getting those high street ones or the one4all that the post office do now. As Ive looked in shops and just can find anything as all it mainly is, is smellies and not everyone likes smellies and most people I know cant use them. and not everyone likes chocolate either. A
I wasnt thinking of getting gift vouchers for like just one store as I think there just pointless, but these let you spend them in most shops,
I know it might seem like its just easier than looking for a present, but Im not giving vouchers to my husband or mum or dad, as I know what they like, but Im thinking for my brothers and there girlfriends,as I dont have a clue what to get them as there all different. I know the girlfriends are into fashion etc. but I dont know there size etc so I can just go in an get whatever top. and I know I can give them the recipt to take it back. But that dosnt feel right. Where as if I give them a voucher and theres a a pair of boots or jacket they like and they have money to put too then they could do this. they would also come in for the sales

I dont know what to do. When you havent got much money to get them a decent prezzie and want to contirbute to getting something they want I think this could be a good idea with the vouchers.
I know some people see vouchers as being lazy, as they get older, but I find it really difficult to actually chose the gift. I was in a shop today looking for prezzies, and there were lots of bath product gift sets. I picked on up, then another, then put one back and got another then just couldnt decided altogether.
So I got in a flap and walked out with nothing. Im to bothered by wheather the person will like the gift or not, as I know that it will just go to waste if they dont like it,

I dont know why its got this way for me now,ahhhhh

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15 Responses to “Gift Vouchers as Gifts ? Opinions Please.?”

  1. p0pp3t says:

    Do you live in the UK? You could have a look on this website for some unusual gift ideas, they have inexpensive items as well as more pricey ones. They have a gift finder option too, to help you out if you need it:

    As for gift vouchers, I don’t normally mind receiving them from extended family members or if they are for a shop I always go in. How about looking into Amazon vouchers? Amazon sell so much now, whoever you give vouchers to is bound to find something they want from there. Good luck!

  2. phedro says:

    no, gift vouchers are rubbish! even if you can spend them anywhere, it isn’t particularly exciting is it? at least with cash you could buy a couple of pints or some crisps of something….

    like a chocolate santa!

  3. James says:

    I’ve always thought of them as "Here, i was looking in M&S but i couldnt be bohtered to look else where so as i was purchasing my thing i got these for you…" hahaa

    anyway.. yeah, its best to have money so you can get what you want from where you want… and not be tied down to a certain store.. what if you dont like that store?

    i dont like them personally.. but sometimes they come in use!!

  4. michael n says:

    the fact of the matter is you are thinking of them witch is the main thing shows how much you care and a gift voucher is better it shows more thought than just throwing some money in a card i hope this helps xxxxxxx

  5. Miss_Searls says:

    Its better i guess so you dont have to carry alot of money around you just have a card

  6. silver_squirrel2 says:

    I think both cash and gift cards are appropriate. But I think you have to consider each person individually to figure out whether to give them cash or a card. Frankly, there are people who I feel would be irresponsible with it if I gave them cash, therefore, if I didn’t have a specific gift in mind, I would give a gift card. I would also put thought into what their particular interests are and then decide where to get the card from. I wouldn’t buy a bookstore card for someone who hates to read. But if they enjoy coffee, I would perhaps get a card for a gourmet coffee shop or local bistro, etc….

  7. ::sorrow:: says:

    i think the fact that they look nicer is how stores reel you in, basically. i don’t really mind either way, i think an actual present is always better, and although money is a lot more useful than gift vouchers, they kind of tie equal for me.

    but by giving you a gift voucher, tesco (just an example) has made you spend money there, and they’ll make the recipient go there.

    ~so…shops like gift vouchers, i think people prefer gifts

    take care


    i think cross-store gift vouchers are better than money, i think i’d still prefer a gift, but if you really don’t know what to get them a gift voucher may be a good idea, as it just seems a bit more effort than money, and it’s less impersonal.
    someone i know got an umbrella for her birthday, it was just a normal umbrella until you open it up and press a button, and then the top turns into like a canopy of fibre optic lights, it was really pretty because it was at night, and quite quirky, i think.
    you could try looking for an interesting and original present that doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely practical, just nice and makes a lasting impression.
    but, i think gift vouchers could be second best really. they usually beat chocolates anyway.

  8. KiKi says:

    Perosnally I quite like getting gift vouchers for a shop I buy a lot at. I usually get gift vouchers for wh smiths and woolworths from people. I sometimes buy other people vouchers as wll. I dont think people will be offended if you buy them a voucher it means they can buy whatever thay want themselves. If you buy a voucher for woolworths people can buy cd’s, dvd’s, games or other accesories. Or you could get a clothes voucher for new look or another clothes shop if the person likes clothes. Or if the person reads alot buy a smiths or bookends voucher. I hope I have been some help to you.
    ps. I dont think you are being stupid asking this question.

  9. Dee XX says:

    i think its because people feel like they are puttin in a little more effort by givin others gift vouchers, rather than jst puttin money in a card .. although sumtimes we would appreciate that moree!
    i have older relatives who give me vouchers and they feel that i will actually go out and get sumthin useful with them rather than drinkin the money away lol!!

  10. ADRIAN H says:

    I understand them, I personally don’t like them. I feel they give the impression, ‘I haven’t got time or the inclination to look, so here you are’.
    A brief example. I often buy my wife a ‘little gift’. She may not wear it and put it away, but at least she knows it came from me and I took the time to look for it for her.

  11. Dirk Thrust says:

    Gift vouchers provide the recipient with options and independence. Although, particularly among younger people, they are seen as a cop-out and show a lack of knowledge about their likes, but this is unfair.
    I used to get the most horrible presents and courtesy obliged me to ooh and aah about when I opened them but then, because they weren’t suited to me, they went into a cupboard and were never seen again. Finally, I began to tell people that I would prefer gift vouchers because then I will get something that I am interested in.
    I would like to take the process a step further because vouchers are a bit restrictive in the choice of shop and I hate it when you have not spent the whole value of the voucher and they don’t give you change, just some useless amount of credit that does not quite reach the value of the lowest priced item in the shop and cannot be used elsewhere.
    I want them now to give me money, bank notes are only IOUs anyway, I can spend them on anything from a sauna to a shave – and you get change. However, people balk at the idea, like they did at the idea of me videoing my uncle’s funeral, but it makes good sense to me.

  12. archery_dave says:

    This is not an easy question, as the responses so far show!

    I used to enjoy shopping for gifts, for whatever celebration, but as the years have passed, so I have become lazy: and I have resorted on more than one occasion, to a gift voucher.

    To offer a specific gift shows that you have put some thought into the matter, and can demonstrate that you know the likes and dislikes of the recipient. All it really takes is that you sit down and think for a while about the person for whom you wish to buy.

    There may well be times when cash might be more appropriate. For example, one of my nephews was saving for a holiday overseas, and my cash gift for his birthday was, he said, very welcome.

    On the other hand, my close neighbour spends a small fortune in W H Smugs, and always appreciates a gift voucher from there.

    But at the root of it all, as has been said, ANY gift shows that you have thought well enough of them to have spent money anyway, on whatever!

  13. RowerGirl says:

    I don’t like giving cash because there’s NO thought that goes into that gift. If a friend gave me cash I’d probably think, "okay..?" Part of it is giving something that you really thought about and that you think they’ll like.

    Gift cards I’m 50/50 on. I do like getting gift cards because it means I can pick out exactly what I want. I prefer ones from a specific store, though. But I very rarely (if ever) give a gift card because most people prefer an actual gift. Also, a gift card is like cash where there’s no thought at all that went into it.

    I personally just try to stay away from them.

  14. I love my mum forever says:

    Gifts not money otherwise theres note to open

  15. bbjzmc says:

    i love getting gift cards
    i can get what i want, when i want it, and it takes
    the pressure of my son, trying to find me the "perfect" gift

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