Gift Vouchers For Experience Days In America?

My friend is going to America for her honeymoon, and I would like to get her a gift certificate for something her and her new hubby can do in America. I don’t want a gift card that is like a debit card, I am looking for a website where I can buy a voucher, and then they can choose what experience they would like to do. Does anyone know of any good websites?
Please only reply if you know of any sites : )

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One Response to “Gift Vouchers For Experience Days In America?”

  1. drip says:

    No, not an open voucher to do any thing in the US. what you are talking about is just giving them money in a gift card/ visa
    You are not going to find a voucher that will allow them to go anywhere and do anything. to disney or any restaurant or any nightclub or tourist attraction, tours,etc.
    You can get a gift card for specific attractions.
    IF they were going to a large city- they have city passes.
    here is one for Chicago…
    Make sure you check the time limit on the passes. they are only good for a certain amount of time.

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