Girls: I Need Your Opinion, Do You Think I Will Be In Trouble In The Morning?

well it was my girlfriends birthday so I said I would take her out on a date. The problem is I forgot my wallet when we arrived at the movies so she had to pay. During the movie I fell asleep because it was a romance movie and I was tired from training all day. Since I forgot my wallet I wasn’t able to take her to a restaurant after and used some burger king vouchers I had on me at the time for dinner. I think I may have also made the wrong decision by talking to my ex when we walked past her (I still get on well with her). Do you think I will be in trouble in the morning?

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3 Responses to “Girls: I Need Your Opinion, Do You Think I Will Be In Trouble In The Morning?”

  1. Sei Mein Kollaps . says:

    That depends completely on your girlfriend. Did you initiate talking to your ex? Does your gf dislike her?
    If it were me, I would likely be a bit miffed, yes. Get her a gift since you couldn’t take her to the restaurant, and pay her back for the movie – it was her birthday. As long as you say you are sorry and explain what happened, and show her you still think she is special and that you truly wanted to do something nice for her birthday, I think you will be okay. Again, it really depends on her personality though.

  2. O.o says:

    If she likes you, it’ll be fine. You could offer to make it up to her before she gets the chance to be upset?

  3. Juicy says:

    Not good.

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