Girls, Is Chocolates A Good Idea For A Present!?

I don’t have much of a budget! Why do you love chocolates as a present (especially nice expensive ones) what do you also like with chocolates? Some people say a stuffed animal, but I’m not sure if my best friend would like one of them, she’s turning 16! Hmm, decisions! 😛 x

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4 Responses to “Girls, Is Chocolates A Good Idea For A Present!?”

  1. ecwonder says:

    Chocolate is always good! But unless you want to, be careful that it isn’t taken as a romantic gesture!
    Quantity= friends
    Quality= more…
    Also a voucher to her favourite store would do!

  2. Lou says:

    NOT chocs u really want her to get fat!! Go to clintons (if in England) cheap cute teddys and cards might be an idea btw she yr gf??

  3. natalie says:

    Pick whatever you think she would like. You could even buy her some pretty flowers for a cheap ish cost

  4. Shisui says:

    Give her the D.

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