Girls Is This A Good Birthday Present For The Girl I Like ?

I like this girl she is turning 15 next month and for her birthday I was thinking of gettin her a bottle of perfume and a £10 new look voucher (that’s her favorite shop) do u think she would like them if not can u give me a few more suggestions thanks 🙂

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4 Responses to “Girls Is This A Good Birthday Present For The Girl I Like ?”

  1. LaLaLa says:

    Aw! That is very sweet of you!
    I’d be very careful with choosing the perfume as obviously, with things like clothes, make up and perfume, people prefer different things. She may dislike floral scented perfumes, and you may not know that! If you know she likes a specific perfume or are able to find out what perfume she likes, then go for it:)
    The New Look voucher is a good idea because as I said before, everyone obviously has different likes and dislikes with clothing, so picking a voucher is a good choice as she is able to get something she likes:)
    If you are considering something instead of the voucher/perfume, a good idea could possibly be something that you are certain she would appreciate, for example, if she likes a certain artist/band, you could buy her something related to that theme and so on.
    Good luck! I hope she likes what you get her:)

  2. Steph says:

    Girls are more sentimental than you think. The fact that you are giving her a gift period will mean a lot to her. She will recognize that you are making an effort and will love it. As long as you not give her a pile of rocks, I’m sure she will appreciate it!

  3. The girl with the pretty name says:

    I would love that, New Look is my favourite shop like that girl’s is, except I’d get maybe £20 or more? £10 could really only buy you about 2 things*… but otherwise good thinking…
    *a boobtube bandeau and a skirt

  4. Anna says:

    Aw! Yes that is perfect! Especially as you have taken the time to get a voucher from her favourite shop! I’m sure she will love the present! 🙂

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