Good Cheap Discount/cheap Clothing Places For Back To School? (plussize)?

What are some good discount places for back to school? I have a laid back dress code to classy. I love a pencil skirts with a nice blazer. But my laid back stye is more of a tee with some destroy shorts. Things along those lines. I also like all of the arising trends now…… but those are my main two
I shop at places likee
Forever 21 (sometimes)
But I’m plussized and my hips are the biggest part of my body not only bigger but WAY larger than the rest of me lol so I always have a hard time finding bottoms that fit right so if you know any stores that have nice bottoms that kinda fit my that please list them.
List more discount/cheap stores please im trying to add more places to shop. With cute stuff 🙂
Going to be a senior and really want to build my wardrobe
Thanks in advance! 🙂

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One Response to “Good Cheap Discount/cheap Clothing Places For Back To School? (plussize)?”

  1. Curly says:

    Try eBay, they sell plus size clothing for cheap.

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