Good Christmas Presents For An 18 Year Old Boyfriend?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now (Jan 12th is our anniversary) and I have bought him nearly everything in the world haha!
I’m running out of ideas of what to buy him for christmas & our anniversary..
I would like the anniversary present to be significant, and memorable, something special..
Christmas presents can be anything!
So far I’ve bought all this (throughout our relationship):
A shark diving voucher, a wallet, cologne (nearly all of them), a belt, clothes, gift vouchers, a relationship ring, etc….

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8 Responses to “Good Christmas Presents For An 18 Year Old Boyfriend?”

  1. brian says:

    Buy yourself a pair of sexy panties and a bra and say happy birthday that’s what I got on my 18th birthday il never forget it

  2. My Throbbing Sausage says:

    …save you’re money ! Just give him the BEST “Blo-Job” of his life ! …make sure YOU “swallow” ALL of his “happy-pudding” and make him a really great sandwich ! …he will remember it ALL year long and follow you around like a starved “puppy” ! …guaranteed !
    …”Merry Christmas” !

  3. mohammad mahdi says:

    if iwere him i would be happy with sth that make me remamber you. like a shirt or a ring with flowers

  4. Rodney says:

    he dont need a present to feel loved on christmas its about being with your love ones and family just spend more time with him but if you insist try a invicta watch look them up online there very stylish and not that expensive

  5. Cat. •That's all says:

    Hi from France ♫
    Without to know what he loves / his taste, it’s pretty difficult to say !.. Anyway I suggest you :
    – A package with many CD / Dvd inside, about music and / or movie, series he loves
    – A game (from his taste)
    – A shirt / sweat
    – Shoes
    – Something for his car, if he has got one
    Have a nice day

  6. Jess says:

    How about a designer watch? Lots of people have then as keep sakes. Also what about something really personal? Like buying a big photo frame – printing loads of pictures of you both and putting other things in it like private jokes between the 2 of you – old movie tickets things like that. I did it for my fella one year and he loved it and now it sits in pride of place on our bedroom wall!

  7. Sascha Moretz says:

    Make a scrap book of your time together. glue old train tickets to the pages from journeys u been on. photos from days out u had.. zoo..…college…. then write confessions in the pages…( i never told u this but ….i think your nose is cute… your hair is nice… i like the way u dress… i like the way u hold my hand….make me feel safe…. like the way u sing…. i like the way u think u can sing but u cant 😉 haha…. ) write secrets..(remember that time we snuck out… got caught doing…. went to…..etc) kiss a page with lipstick…. put in photos from days out from the zoo…park…school….beach…a nything u have….
    For christmas get him surfy bracelets
    vans trainers
    billabong hat
    xbox game
    poster.of his fave singer or band
    a cake (u make it its more special and take a pic for your scrap book)

  8. Sparkle says:

    2 pairs of jeans.

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