Good Computer Bargain?

With these specs i havent seen a cheaper PC on the market. I even went to dell and build a pic with roughly the same specs n it was £490+. Good bargain:


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4 Responses to “Good Computer Bargain?”

  1. Chaos W says:

    Well your answere seems to go answered so i just wanna say. Try not to go with Dell. They are very exspensive compared to other pcs like hp.

  2. rst123phoenix says:

    Its a good pc for home use as you need at least a 1gb ram for vista but the only downside is that the graphics isnt a gaming card that will need to be upgraded if you play games

  3. mattyspurs76 says:

    not to bad, but nothing special.

    Graphic card isnt really goos, you wont play the latest games on it and its not DX compatible so Vista wont look as good as it should.

    Processors great, it can be easily overclocked to nearly 3gz with the stock cooler.

    If you just want a cheap pc for internet browsing and the occasional media playback and maybe to play older games (games that are 3yrs + old) then its a good purchase

  4. sickofit says:

    Great Office Pc….all i can really say

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