Good Deal For A 2013 Altima 2.5s?

Today i finally talked to the dealership after doing intense research of my own to try and learn as much as possible and after i asked what other fees i would be paying she said i would have to pay for the miles. Now after all the research i have done and not once did i pass by a forum or tip/advice guide on leasing that i would have to pay for the mileage.
Anyways even if i did it wouldn’t be bad because it would be an extra $50 a month. Here is the fine print on the ad in the newspaper :
42 month lease. Payment excludes miles and requires the minimum annual mile package of 5,000. prices include all costs to be paid by consumer except your local sales tax, actual registration, and title fee. Prices based on primary lender approval at best tier. Must take delivery from dealer stock. closed end lease without purchase option. Lessee responsible for excess wear and tear. No security deposit required. ) due at inception, total of payments:($9163.00 for Altima.)
The value mileage package is 15k for 13cents a mile and the monthly payment of 2.5s is 99 a month for 42month. It also says 0 due at signing right under the picture of the altima and 0 due at inception in the fine print. On the top of the ad it says “zero down, zero 1st month payment, zero bank fee.”
Also will i be paying the tax on the monthly payments ?
My question is this a good lease deal or should i not even bother?
Thanks in Advance.

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