Good Deal On A Laptop?

So I’m looking in Costco’s monthly sales, and I see an ad for a laptop:
HP Envy dv6t Quad laptop (no idea what this means besides HP’s Envy series)
i7 processor
16GB memory
1TB hard drive
Backlit keyboard + keypad
HDMI ports
NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
Blu-ray and SuperMulti DVD Burner
17.3 inch screen
They’re selling it for $800, after $250 off.
I’d love to know if this is a good deal or if it’s just another deal that I could find on some sort of back-to-school sale or what have you (one of those big sales that rarely comes around).
Also, I have a HP right now–four years old, and it works pretty well. I’ve only had to send it in like once, because the motherboard crashed. However, as I type this out, I can hear my fan going overtime, and I can feel the heat it’s producing. Is this going to be a recurring problem with HP laptops, or is it just my fault for not taking care of it properly?

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One Response to “Good Deal On A Laptop?”

  1. 190ad says:

    for a windows thats not that bad so i would jump on it immediately and costco might have some kind of deals you can get.

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