Good Gaming Mobo? With No Max Shared Memory? (from The Gpu)?

For max 100£ 115€ 155$
With no max shared memory. im asking this cuz in the specs most mobos say “max shared memory 1700mb” +-
3 times OMG
here are the parts that im tending to buy:…
GTX660 gpu

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3 Responses to “Good Gaming Mobo? With No Max Shared Memory? (from The Gpu)?”

  1. Jason says:

    the republic of gamers motherboards from asus are for gaming and overclocking your looking at about three to four hundred dollars though

  2. Frederic says:

    the gigabyte ga 990 fxa ud3 atx am3+ board, really nice, EDIT: excuses i though you needed am3+ ignore my answer!

  3. dada says:

    You aren’t understanding something here. The shared mem is referred to the memory which gets used by the IGP. Your 660 will not be able to use your RAM, so the max shared mem is not important. If you think the max shared mem is the max ram which can get ised on the mobo that’s also wrong, that board can hold up to 64gb. The board you chose is a solid option if you ask me.

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