good online bookshop? uk delivery?

can anyone reccommend a good online bookshop? reasonable prices for AS level books?

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5 Responses to “good online bookshop? uk delivery?”

  1. petrolstationguy says:

  2. Damia says:

    amazon is great, you can often get used stuff on there for cheaper as well, or something like ebay if you want low prices, or something like waterstones or wh smith

  3. The Lady says:

    Agreed. Try Amazon, and if you’re a little low on cash they sell some decent second-hand books too.

  4. Hugo Fitch says: have never let me down and their books are heavily discounted too!

    If your order is over a certain limit (I think it is still £15) you can opt to use the free express delivery…

    BUT bear in mind that this is DHL not the Royal Mail. If there’s no-one in at the delivery address they take it back to a depot miles away and you have to collect it from there on certain days between very specific hours! By the time you have managed to collect your purchases it might well have worked out cheaper to have paid for p&p!

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