Good Over-head Headphones For Outside And Indoor Use?

I’m looking for a set of over-head, or even on ear, headphones that can be used both in the house and when outside (I catch the train a lot, so less sound leakage the better, but its not a necessity). I like to listen to a bit of everything to be quite honest, but mainly heavy metal,rock and sometimes even acoustic. The more natural sounding the better (don’t really see the point in the whole ‘bass boosting’ headphones, but again, don’t mind). Also, I’d prefer them to be ‘stylish’ as much as I hate to use the word, I don’t want a pair of bland headphones, but not ones that are like a set of rainbows over my head. Portability is also pretty important, as, like I said before, I catch the train a lot, mainly to school, so a set that can be easily placed in my bag would be very nice. Price range of preferably around £50, but willing to go up to £100 odd if need be. Apologies for being so picky. Here are some headphones I’ve been looking at:
– Good price, and quite stylish in my opinion (especially in black). But, they don’t come with a carry case
– After telling myself not to get skullcandy headphones, I found myself rather fond of these, although quite a bit over my budget, they look very nice and according to reviews they sound pretty good. They also come with a carry case (not a hard one sadly enough).
Also a few others, but I feel this is long enough for some of you to at least get an idea for what I’m looking for, or even your opinion on the 2 headphones I linked.

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