Got a telephone interview with Topshop for a sales assistant job, what will they ask me?

Got a telephone interview with Topshop for a sales assistant job, what will they ask me?
I have a telephone interview with Topshop for a sales assistant job and if I get through this stage I will have to go in and have a proper interview. However, i’ve never had an interview before let alone one on the phone so what can i expect? What shall I do?

Please help!

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  1. Frank says:

    If you are applying for a sales assistant job with Topshop and they want a phone interview, they will ask you when can you start, do you have your own transportation, and can you do flexible hours such as evenings and weekends. They are only trying to weed out the obvious rejects and set up proper interviews.

    Sales jobs have a high turnover rate because sales jobs usually have low pay with high incentives and sales people have high confidence in themselves so if something is not working, they see it as a flawed program and they go elsewhere where they can get rich selling. What that should mean to you is that companies are always trying to fill sales positions.

    The most critical job is usually having a sales person when the customer is ready to buy. If there is no sales person to answer a question or ring up the sale, the customer walks away and the company loses the sale. And the money spent on attracting those lost customers is wasted. Most other jobs can be behind with a backlog of a day. I am an accountant and have been hired when they had nobody for weeks and the work piled up. Work does not pile up and wait until a sales person is hired. The end result to you is companies are always desperate to keep these critical positions filled so your chance of landing a job with them is pretty good.

    So what you should do is be available for the phone interview when it is convenient for them and maybe visit a store and take some notes like what brands they carry, what you like about them, how busy they are, and how the sales people interact to customers. Such as do employees smile when they greet a customer? How long do customers have to wait to get help? How are complaints or returns dealt with?

    Resolving to always be friendly and helpful to customers will help you in your proper interview and on the job. Remember to always smile and listen to what they want. Such as if you are told to push the accessories, first, be nice helping the customer find what they want, then push the matching accessories. When doing complaints and returns, they key will be to stay friendly and look for a positive spin, such as helping them find something they are looking for in their size, or suggesting an alternative. If somebody made returns easy and pleasant for you, you would more likely shop there again than if you had been treated like an annoyance, correct? So make sure you do that while trying to find what it was they intended to buy the first time.

    Also, at the interview and every visit make sure you are dressed nice. So if they just ask you to drop by and fill out a form or copy an ID card, dress nice for it too because often the people making the hiring decisions will notice what you wear then as well.

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