Got To Decide Tommorow Or Ill Lose Both Job Offers?!?!?!?!?!?

So ive been searching for a job for the past year and half. I really wanted to get into campus crew and this lady really tried to get me into it ( a clothing store). But i never had a call back so finally after interview after interview i got accpeted to Palasad ( bowling, bar etc). There im guraanted a min of 16 hours a week and make 9.60 ( student wage) ( im 16). But now i got an offer at CampusCrew. only thing is its from now till new year than she wil see how my sales are. If my sales are high enough i have a job with them, if not than thats that. I cant work both and i really want campus crew and this lady really thinks i can do it. Im just so stuck between the two, i start palasad tommrow and campus crew next week. ill make 9.60 there as well plus discount on clothes. i really wanted this job and still do but im neverous if i dont make the sales ill be out of a job again… she keeps saying ill be able to do it and what not but i just dont want to be out of a job, any help? ( and ill know campus crew will be much funner)

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One Response to “Got To Decide Tommorow Or Ill Lose Both Job Offers?!?!?!?!?!?”

  1. Kaizenif says:

    Hi There Jake!
    Well if your main reason for employment is earning to support your needs and you are scared to end up losing both and needs to be employed asap. you better grab the bowling, bar ect. job offer. Since, it is for sure that you have it already without any quotas and whatsoever. anyway you are just 16, you’ll have a lot of opportunities ahead as long as you have experience working. But at the end of the day, It will still be your decision and you know better than anybody else when it comes to setting your priorities.
    Good Luck!

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