Governor Duval Patrick Just Said Working Taxpayers Should Now Pay More?

He wants to raise the state income tax to over 6% in order to pay for infrastructure and a new MA transit, while lowering the sales tax. What is your view on this,? Im wondering why our roads are crap already and wondering where our tax money went to instead of paying to upkeep these roads in the first place. And also why working taxpayers are expected to shell out more money to pay for public transportation when less than 1/3rd dont even use it. So basically me being a single working guy my taxes will go up to pay for schools and public transportation which I dont even use and then maybe the potholes will be finally fixed that already should of been fixed with my current taxes. This sounds like a lose situation for me. Like always.

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3 Responses to “Governor Duval Patrick Just Said Working Taxpayers Should Now Pay More?”

  1. ingsoc1 says:

    You might not use them but you benefit from them. Its expensive to replace old bridges its not just pot holes. Most bridges in Mass are not in good repair, and pot holes are filled by the cities not the state

  2. Adam says:

    The Public transit in Boston is awesome. The T is the best, but it does need some work as its very old. Governor Patrick is doing the right thing to invest in making this better.

  3. Stephen says:

    You don’t have to use public transportation to benefit from it. The more people riding buses and trains, the less traffic on the road.
    I don’t see how you could be against this, unless you don’t mind sitting in traffic and getting in car accidents.

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