Grade 8 Math Question – Please Help Me!?

Anita and Bonnie both work part-time and are trying to save money for a school ski trip that costs $350 per student.
• Anita works at a clothing store and receives 30% commission from her total sales.
Anita’s sales totals for five days are $215.50, $265.75, $310.80, $200.40, and
• Bonnie sells gym equipment and earns 25% commission from her total sales.
Bonnie’s sales totals for four days are $551.25, $404.65, $380.75, and $212.35.
Who has earned enough money to go on the school ski trip? Show your thinking.

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One Response to “Grade 8 Math Question – Please Help Me!?”

  1. Anthony says:

    Add up all of the totals and multiply by the commission rate to find how much they made.
    • Anita: 992.45 * 0.3 = $297.74
    • Bonnie: 1549 * 0.25 = $387.25
    Bonnie has made enough to go, since her commission is greater than $350.

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