Great Discounts, Is There A Way?

I love video games but I’m not in a position wher eI can spend alot on new releases. I wondered if anyone knew a way you can get some good discounts on games without having to sign up for some stupid offer or buy 50 games to get 1 point on a reward card. So is there a way to get discounted, cheap or free games without all the bull and scams?
I usually do wait til the games get cheaper or buy second hand but there are some games i just have to get near release, too much anticipation. I’m talking about PS3 here by the way

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One Response to “Great Discounts, Is There A Way?”

  1. Fang says:

    You can work for a gameing retail company (Ie Gamestop, Game Crazy ect and you get a minor discount) Or you can try flashing your hard drive (Which is against the rules so if your system breaks the warranty wont replace it for you) And by doing that you can download alot of games and burn em to special cds that cost about 3-5$ each and a normal game needs like 2-4 of em

    or you could just stick with old games for like 5-10$

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