Grocery voucher if you leave hospital within 6 hours of giving birth?

Our hospital is giving women a grocery voucher of 0 dollars if you leave within 6 hours of giving birth, I was just wondering what others think?

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27 Responses to “Grocery voucher if you leave hospital within 6 hours of giving birth?”

  1. chrissy f says:

    In the UK it is normal for mothers to leave hospital between 3 and 6 hours after giving birth, if they had a normal delivery and the baby is well enough. The community midwife then takes over and does home visits for 10 days. I left home after 3 hours with my youngest son and he is 24 now.

  2. remedy9874 says:

    Okay that is crazy! Why would they do this? Plus the hospital nor your Dr. will let you leave the hospital only 6 hours after birth!

  3. PK211 says:

    That’s crazy. Where do you live?

  4. ~*~*Starzz*~*~ says:

    That is crazy! You can’t leave even if u wanted to. I would take the voucher and have someone else go shopping for me.

  5. Ian and Tate's Mom says:

    What that is so weird- sounds like those insurance companies are up to something. I think it would be better to let them monitor you for the full 24hrs. Also I had c-sections so I guess I would have just missed out all together. That is very interesting!

  6. tasha200 says:

    I think that is tragic.. it will mean many poorer mums who have little support will be pushing themselves to leave before they are ready.. one case of latter haemoraging for 100 dollars of grocerys will sonn put a stop to that bribery.. how about they pay women to have birth at home and cut out maternity care oin hospitals altogether.. a very strange thing for a health service to do…

  7. My3Boys says:

    Oh my god…that’s bordering on negligence on their part.

  8. ARMY WIFE says:

    I thought all hospitals had to legally keep the mother and baby for 24 hours after the birth. There are tests they have to preform on the baby when they reach 24 hours of age! I would find another hospital NOW!

  9. 20 weeks with baby #1(Noah) says:

    Are you serious?? What kind of hospital is that? I would not risk my safety and health for $100. That’s ridiculous.

  10. Diann C says:

    Wow, sounds good to me!

    I will be leaving the hospital as soon as possible after the birth, most likely within two hours. I would love it if my hospital did that!

  11. rubyslipper says:

    That is just stupid. Is this how our medical system is trying to "deal" with the issue of no beds…..
    I had a home birth, should the government give me a voucher too?! I saved them $5000,
    That’s just sick…..

  12. Miki says:

    well, if u had a relatively easy birth, why not.

    women have been having babies at home instead of the hospital for hundreds of years.

    however if u had a complicated birth (csection, hemmoraging or have a chronic disease), it would be a very stupid deal.

  13. yaddajean says:

    Sounds great count me in

    Some people just can’t take a joke

  14. mystic_eye_cda says:

    I think its wrong to offer an incentive to leave early. However there is no problem leaving within 6 hours of a normal delivery. It is standard practice where I live to ask a woman whether she is going to be staying in the hospital or not. If you aren’t you stay in labour & delivery awhile after birth rather than being assigned a room.

  15. RosinbaggerSFGiants says:

    You know; people make a big deal out of this kind of subject; but, it wasn’t that long ago really that most births happened at home; and unless something was wrong, the hospital wasn’t that involved.. So, why is everybody so appauled by all this??

  16. Amanda P says:

    This is crazy!!! Any woman who’s ever given birth knows that you will be in no condition to go anywhere only 6 hours after birth.

  17. whipass jungle chick says:

    that’s f*cked up, lets hope nobody takes a voucher then hemorrhages!

  18. Angel says:

    Where do you live? That is food right there. Really you don’t need to stay in the hospital more then 24 hours. If there is a problem you can always call in. When I had my first child i was in the hospital for a week. So I would not mind the food and my own bed at home in the end. Good luck on the new baby. If this is your first and your scared you don’t have to take the food just stay and learn more how to feed your baby.

  19. OnThisPage says:

    thats pathetic. I really hope your kidding.

  20. momma2mingbu says:

    I think that kind of sucks. Mom may really need that voucher to help her family out and be tempted to take it when she would really benefit from the rest and support she would get if she stayed in the hospital longer. It’s sad that our society is so quick to throw new moms out and expect them to function w/o a support system.

  21. Doodlestuff says:

    I think this is a great idea IF you have someone who is responsible at home with you and a telephone close at hand if a problem develops. In increasing areas, they send a nurse out 2 days after you go home to check on things and 10 days out (they are starting this in MN now too). We have the same problem with our hospitals. Too many people, not enough beds. The secondary reason is risk of hospital acquired infections. The faster they get mom and baby out of the hospital, the lower the rate of hospital acquired infections.

    This wouldn’t be available to me because I have no choice but to have a repeat c-section. Provided that they only offer this to women who have been CLEARED safely, then I see it as a win-win.

  22. adrianne M says:

    ok unless you have your baby in abirthing center or at your house you have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours and max of 3 days unless medically you and baby need to stay longer.

  23. Daisyhill says:

    Oh my…thats terrible! They should give it to all Mothers or not at all….poor women are likely to go before they are ready just for the voucher!

  24. Nally says:

    That is digusting and border-line neglect!!! The beds and space are obviously more important than the patients and newborn babies… I would tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  25. Tiffanye says:

    somethings not right… its a law that you have to stay at least 24 hrs with a natural birth and i think its 72 hours with a c section

  26. Erica J says:

    Get another freakin hospital!!! That is totally unsafe! You could hemorrage and die on your way home!

  27. mum_2_many says:

    in the uk if the birth is problem free and mum & baby are both fine, after being checked by a doctor you can go within 6 hrs
    i did with my 2nd baby and it was the best thing ppl feel better just being at home
    i do not agree with giving a bribe to leave early though!
    and if you tell them you would rather stay they let you its !00% the mothers choice
    why stay in hospital if you are not sick?

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