Groupon – A Scam For Prescription Eyewear?

I purchased a Groupon for prescription eyewear in 2012.
I went to the store – but all the frames and glasses were listed priced at very high rates – much higher than the others I have checked at the Malls and competing optical shops in Toronto without using the Groupon voucher. It was a big mistake to assume that purchasing Groupon vouchers will save you money. Especially with eyewear stores. I think the best would be to stick to restaurants since they have a menu with prices you already know about.
I do not think the Groupon voucher for prescription eyewear is a bargain at all – in fact I think it is a scam and Groupon does not know about it.
Do you have similar experiences?

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One Response to “Groupon – A Scam For Prescription Eyewear?”

  1. Kittysue says:

    Groupon would have to way to know. There is no law against selling glasses at a higher price than other stores. They probably know they are more expensive so are using Groupon to build more sales. There are obviously some people who are paying full price either because of convenience or they don’t know any better
    I’ve got some great deals from Groupon in the past and ended up saving money on all of them

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