Groupon Problem – Beware?

My daughter and I both have groupon accounts. 6 months ago, my daughter paid for a wedding package using my debit card (with my permission). Last month, she ordered a voucher, and Groupon have used my debit card to take the money as they automatically store card details for future use. I am unable to have them removed as it is HER account – even Groupon can’t do it as she has to ask them, they are aware it is my bank account but it doesn’t seem to matter. My problem is that although I gave her permission last time, there is nothing to stop her using it again. I was unaware that this could happen – beware when giving your card details to a third party.

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One Response to “Groupon Problem – Beware?”

  1. Ooops says:

    Many are aware of this situation. Although it’s too late i this instance i and most of my family have a preventative solution. A secondary account just for net transactions. Keep it open with a minimum credit and then when you make a purchase tranfer just enough to cover it. This prevents any use which you personally have not authorised.

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