Groupon voucher typo – what are my rights?

I bought a hair cut voucher from Groupon with the expiry date being 7th January 2012. However, when trying to redeem this voucher, I was told by the hairdressers that the expiry date was actually 7th December 2011, and this had been a typing error by Groupon.

7th december 2011 has now passed, so unfortunately, I cant use the voucher which cost me £34. what are my rights?

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One Response to “Groupon voucher typo – what are my rights?”

  1. Steve says:

    As you paid your money to Groupon it is them you have a contract with so it is them you should deal with.

    I would suggest that they should honour their mistake and refund your money although that may depend on whether the correct expiry date was made very clear at the time you bought the voucher in which case they may say you should have noticed then, If it was not clear at the time then you have a good case but pursuing this as a legal claim may not be worth it so speak to Group on and try and negotiate a refund.

    I’ve missed the expiry date on two of these vouchers over the last year and clearly it was my fault but I wonder who gets to keep the money I lost? I would like to know whether it is the retailer or Groupon? Either way someone is making a good profit if my experience is replicated over lots of people!

    Good Luck with Groupon.


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