Guide To Tackle Sony India Pvt Ltd , Over Psp3 Repair Issuewhat Would You Like To Ask?

Hello Everyone,
I am a consumer for Sony India Pvt Ltd, having bought PSP3 (320gb) version two years ago from reliance digital.
On misfortune of mine, this set has been malfuncationed under Warranty period. The set itself stop booting and functioning. So I went through the service centre to get the repair done. I understood from there that this peice is not repairable and it has to be replaced. They took the whole set from me and replaced with new one.(I beleive I didnt pay anything)….
down the line 1 yr. This problem with the set (new one) again arises. its ditto problem that happened with the earlier one. However this time the story is different. I am ran out of the warranty and I need to get this done under expense of my pocket.
I have visited the Sony Service center in navi mumbai (vashi). The acknowledged that the set has to be replaced. but since its our of warranty I have to pay some marginal amount and they will provide new set to me.
The offerred me new set @6500 (Approx) amount. I have thought for some day and prepared DD that they have advised for the said amount. I have given them the old set and DD for willing to get new one.
I have been given the timeline of 2 weeks to return back by Service center, however within one week they called up and said that the amount provided in DD was inadequate and new amount is given as Rs 8475/-. My wife came back with old DD and asked me what to do. I inclined to cancle the previous DD and make new one of 8k. went back to visit the service center again.
Horribly true; the person at the SC came back to me saying that I have to pay 11K if I want a (500GB) set or else @ 8k I will get 12GB product.
i was astonished to listen this. since My set was of 320 GB one I expect either the same or little higher configuration.
I had decided to get new set since i was getting it under replacement @6k. At 8k also I thought lets do it one for all.
However at 11k. I was concerned about the product itself.
A company having good will since years , if their product can not stand for 2 years, should I be willing to get their new product @11k. A BIG NO.
So Now I am in situation where sony is using its position to dictate the conditions since there is no alternative to repair their product.
This is kind of harrassment and Monopolize the situation.
My arguments are:
1) When they sold the product, they did not say that this product is not repairable or will discontinue within 2 years
2) At any part ; repair cost (if this could have been repairable) should be not more than 20-30% of the actual product value, here I have to pay almost 50% (8k) and get subconfigured product.
3) The service centre person has admitted that this is kind of loot and he himself does not agrre on that so he tried talking to his boss saying customer is not agreeing for the lower configured product.
4) In all; what kind of service is this, where the product value is not known by the service centre itself and I hvae to bear the cost of cancelling the DD and spending time doing all the produre again.
5) if sony is not able to repair they should buyback at the value they are discounting for new product giving the option to the customer rather forcing them to stick to the product.
Can any one please advise , if I can go with Consumer court and sought claim for the harrassment and money , time invested to just know what kind of product i will be getting?
Can someone also let me know what would be the best way to handle it. since we guys dont have much time to spend after this issues, these companies are getting away with their own conditions.
let me know if I can get this to CC then where in Navi mumbai I should approach.
Any help here will be greatly appreciated!

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