Gun Control: Is My Plan Good Or Bad?

The conversation on gun control is on fire again. So is the believe that gun control would mean unilateral ban on guns.
Unilateral ban on guns, BAD.
Changing a large chunk of the gun laws, might be GOOD depending on how it’s done.
Here’s my plan and explanation for every change:
1. An outright ban on handguns. The right to bear arms is there to protect the citizens of this country from a tyrannical government. Handguns have only one person, that is killing humans. Tell me you use them to hunt and I’ll ask you if it is us or the deer. The accuracy of such a gun alone would make that a pathetic accuse. This will probably never happen because the handgun makers are sleeping with the NRA and every susceptible congressman or woman. Keep your hunting rifle, throw the handgun away. You can still protect yourself with that and by hunting rifle, AK-47s do not count.
2. Ban private sale of guns. Your next door neighbor wants to buy your old handgun? Tough ****, make people buy their guns in a way that leaves a paper trail.
3. Ban gun shows, well, just ban selling guns at gun shows. People go to car shows all the time and manage to walk out without some vintage beauty.
4. Do in-depth screenings on all potential gun owners. Have a psychological evaluation done, in-depth 25 year background check and ensure that the person trying to buy the gun does not seem desperate or hasn’t just went through a horrible divorce. Include the cost of this screening in the total price of the gun.
5. Limit the amount of guns a person is allowed to buy. Already have one rifle? If you want another you must prove that you have a family member who might need it in the future. We are talking strictly for protection purposes. If you want a shotgun and a rifle, sure, but no end-times-cult-like weapons stockpiling. If your old rifle falls apart, turn it in and get a new one but the old gun better have the serial number of the gun you are registered as having.
6. Been convicted of physical assault? No guns for you.
7. Get convicted of a gun crime and you rot in prison for 15 to life.
8. Get caught with an illegal handgun or rifle in public or during a raid? A mandatory 10 year sentence. Why the hell would you be walking around in town with a pistol tucked under your belt? Going out to get a picture taken of you two for Facebook? Unless you got a permit rot in jail!
9. Threaten someone with gun violence and you go to jail for a good 5 years. If you can say it what keeps you from doing it.
10. Get convicted for any violent crime, even if it is a misdemeanor and you lose your gun rights for life, unless the country goes through a revolution of course.

So, do you think ANY of my points are good? I think one can protect oneself with a rifle meant to annihilate a bear easily.

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One Response to “Gun Control: Is My Plan Good Or Bad?”

  1. Tom S says:

    Conservatives and talk show hosts always claim that with a ban on handguns in place, criminals can still get illegal guns. However what these talk show hosts, and the NRA crowd fail to mantion is that these school, movie theater, and mall killing sprees are committed by ordinary people – not drug lords, thugs, or crooks settling accounts. The people committing these massacres are people that can legally walk into a gun store and buy concealable weapons legally.
    I agree with your plan. But I would also require some changes in the meda. Violence is glorified too much.
    Video games should become less graphic. We don’t need to see blood splattering in Halo, Gears of War, or Call of Duty. Make the killings less graphic.
    Violent music should be banned from poublic airwaves,
    Violent movies (such as the Final Destination series) should only be shown in theaters (never TV) and only to people over the age of 18 (or maybe 21).
    Professional athletes have tremendous influence on kids. Any athlete that commits any violent act should be banned from professional sports. And any athlete that is aggressiveor rude towards fans, owners, other players etc, should be fined and banned from 10 games.
    Americans make a big deal about sex or foul language but love violence. Glorified violence causes far more harm to society than either sex or bad language.
    In the 1970s, gun laws were far less stringent. On television and movies a killing was depicted by a person dropping to the ground (no blood, heads exploding etc). The harshest topic in music was drugs. These types of massacres occured far less frequently then.

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