Guy Wants A Refund On A Craigslist Sale?

Today i sold this guy a ps3 with an hdmi cable and a power cable with a few games and two controllers. The guy said that he would buy everything for $200 and i said alright. So later on that day we met up and i show him everything and he says alright than goes on to say “i aint even bullshittin you what’s the lowest you would take on this cause i aint got 200 on me” so me being the conflict avoiding person i am said that the lowest i would take is 180 because i got an offer of 160 and he said how about 170. So i agreed because i needed the money to pay my friend back the $200 that he loaned me. A few hours later he gives me a call saying that the system is not working. He says that nothing is coming up on his screen. Right before i left my house to go meet up with him and sell the PS3 bundle i unplugged everything one time to make sure and be 100% sure that everything was working and everything worked fine as i expected. I don’t know what to do now because the guy has my phone number but he does not have my address or anything. I forgot to give him the microphone and 2 charging cables that i said i would because i forgot to include it in the box but what if he wants it because my ad said that it would have the two cables and charging cord? I figured that since he didnt pay me the full amount i’m not obligated to give him some of the things i was supposed to since he knowingly came out to meet me without the amount that was agreed upon. I don’t want to take back a system that is not working anymore when it left my house working. What should i do?

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3 Responses to “Guy Wants A Refund On A Craigslist Sale?”

  1. Jose says:

    Just change.your number

  2. Maya says:

    If it was a good deal for you tell him no unless he’s one of those crazy people who would bring you to court for it than you should but only if you have to.

  3. Sakru says:

    Don’t take it back I would suggest. He could easily of switched your system with a broken one he had. You really never know. You should of stayed firm on the $200. I never let people talk me down on a price once we agree before meeting.

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