(guys) Do You Treat Gorgeous Women Different Than Other People?

And give your example
Just curious…seeing how many men actually bend the rules, or do things they normally wouldn’t for a pretty/hot/sexy woman
That includes buying drinks, helping them change a flat tire, or if you work at a store giving them a discount you normally wouldn’t to another man
Also paying for their meal, ticket, fare, etc!! thats another very common one!

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14 Responses to “(guys) Do You Treat Gorgeous Women Different Than Other People?”

  1. Baby D says:

    I treat everybody equally.

  2. Angel A. says:


  3. BASED GOD says:

    no i smack their booty

  4. remoserj says:

    More than likely….!!

  5. says:

    i enjoy a fast intense rape

  6. Andrew Sayegh says:

    Sometimes yeah. I feel I can talk to not so pretty girls a lot easier, I always feel like gorgeous girls are toying with me. So I’m much more comfortable around pretty girls. So I’d stay away from gorgeous girls but to answer your question, yeah I might be different to a gorgeous girl.

  7. . says:

    LOL you really think they’re gonna be honest about this?
    Here’s what’s gonna happen: most people who are gonna answer this question are actually women and those who are men are only trolling. (trolling with honesty it seems!)

  8. reppin' MN™ says:

    Maybe if they’re gorgeous and seem like they have a nicer personality, and this is just honesty. I’m not proud of it, but honest. And other than that, not really no.

  9. Alpha Gerudo says:

    you should know ya hoochie mama

  10. Drew says:

    Rather be the littlest joy
    than the biggest regret

  11. Fahad says:

    I treat them as I would any other girl.

  12. Sheldon says:

    Yup, gorgeous women are more pleasent to be around and were not embarrassed to be around them

  13. In Honor of Moja says:

    I look for inner beauty, a good heart, a companion who will be with me through thick and thin, who is not conceited, and who will fight to the death for those whom she loves. Exterior beauty is only a false promise which quickly fades with time. Inner beauty and good character stand the test of time. Besides, I’m no movie star either.

  14. Unorthod says:

    Chivalrous mentality. Meaning that in Western culture, we have somewhat of a social obligation to treat women delicately and with the utmost consideration in circumstances of difficulty. Women deemed physically repulsive or morbid are treated no better than that of livestock.
    I personally accommodate unknown women with normal respect and etiquette such as opening door which would be perceived as a gentlemanly approach. I know some fellow guys that are quite biased or are just impulsive to service more attractive women than their bowser counterparts.

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