Hairdresser Disaster With Bleach – Please Help!!?

I went to the hairdressers tonight for a cut and colour.  I naturally have dark brown hair and over recent years have been dying it every 6 weeks or so to a red or purple colour.  My hair is / was in really good condition and often get compliments about how shiny it is.  
Often the colour at the top of my hair is redder and I mentioned how I liked this colour and would like it all over if possible.  I had had my hair done there a few months ago and liked the red tint that I got but wanted it redder.  
Hairdresser suggested that we bleach sections round my head and then put red all over with the view that the bleached bit would be redder.  
I had about 20 foils of bleach around my head.  He put me under the heater for however long, buzzer went and washed it off.  Some of the fouls were so hot they were hard to touch.  He then starting brushing my hair and I could see long strands of hair coming out.  I went to touch the bleached bit and the ends literally snapped off.  Then as he brushed more I took hold of another strip and it literally disintegrated in my hands. 
I said this wasn’t right and they said it was normal for ends to come off and to feel dry.  I said I wasn’t worried about the dry bit I was worried about the hair breaking off half way up / at my ears (I have hair several inches past my shoulders).  They said hair is at the most vulnerable just after it has been dyed and washed which I already knew.  I was not expecting it to snap off like it did though.
The final product is that the colour is alright although I can tell the red will not last on the bleached bits for long. 
I’ve come home and as I run my fingers through my hair I can feel the frazzled bits.  When I lift my hair up I can see whispery bits especially to the back sides (2 o clock and 10 o clock) that would have been full length and which are now a mixture of 1-4″ long.  
I was clearly right it was snapping off higher than the ‘ends’.
I have paid £60 for the cut, colour and treatments (I had a book of vouchers I bought with them) and I have said that I’d like another red tint all over in a week or so (which he’ll do for free).
Couple of questions:
1.  Should I complain? 
I have visible proof that there are several areas where hair is only several inches long.
2.  I am now scared to wash my hair with fear more will fall out.
3.  Did he mix it wrong or is it more likely I had a reaction?
4.  Is it ‘normal’ that this could happen if performed correctly?

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One Response to “Hairdresser Disaster With Bleach – Please Help!!?”

  1. Athena V says:

    Well first I’ve dyed my hair red and we had to bleach it all in sections, I don’t know she put me under a heater too and when she washed it out it was fine, it wasn’t all dry and snapping off. Also red fades faster than any other color you put on so you gonna have to touch up your hair more often unless you want like orange hair (like me right now, I’m dying my hair tonight or tomorrow) I’m sorry I can’t help any further :/

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