Hand Knotted Rugs – Some Common Myths Busted

Check out some common misconceptions that discourage people from buying good quality hand knotted rugs for their house.

It is incorrect to presume that all hand knotted rugs will be very expensive. That is a mistake. There’s no doubt that making rugs with the help of machine will be a lot cheaper as compared to making one by hand. However, there are various factors that must be considered. A good quality hand knotted rug will offer more value for money and will last longer than standard machine made rugs. In such a scenario, when you compare the cost versus benefit of machine rugs and hand knotted rugs, you will realize that the initial investment is high but the overall return on money is even higher if you opt for the latter option.

Secondly, you can easily outsource your purchasing decision and get good quality hand knotted rugs from all over the world with the help of the World Wide Web. There may be huge demand for rugs made by a particular seller in your locality. This may encourage the seller to charge high fees without any fear. You can bypass the entire process by getting in touch with sellers situated elsewhere. You can find good quality rugs at affordable prices if you make use of this option.

The second misconception is that hand knotted rugs are very delicate and must be handled with care. That need not be the case at all times. All it depends on the quality of material used and the quality of craftsmanship. If you go in for a good quality and well made rug, it is obvious that you need not spend a lot of time and effort on maintenance. In any case, you cannot use your rug as if it is a piece of cloth and dump it into the washing machine for cleaning. You can also not let stains remain on the rug for a very long time. All these precautions will have to be taken irrespective of whether the rug is a machine made rug or is a hand knotted rugs.

Finally, it is incorrect to presume or conclude that these rugs will not look good. There are different designs available in the market depending upon your choice and preferences. You just have to search for the right one and choose the best possible option for your house. Hence, do not be in a hurry to conclude that these rugs are not suitable for your requirements. There’s a possibility that you may be restricting your search and may be suffering because of same.

Source by Nazimabee Woozeer

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