Hard To Talk To My Mom?

I’m married in my late 20s with a child and one on the way. My issue is my mother. I find it tough to hold a conversation with her. So The issues stressing her are:
-she has a bad back. Her sciatica/bad disk will act up (it seems like whenever she is stressed) so she hasn’t gotten a job because of that until now- she works p/t from home.
-my dad’s lack of employment/ his health because he feels so stressed over this issue
So today, we’re talking on the phone.She is explaining every little thing she tells me 4 different times in 4 different ways. I kept saying ‘I get it’ or ‘yes I understand’ by the 2nd time.
She talks about my dad needing to grow spiritually and talked about how he does his prayers. I said “I think it’s great to go to church, recite memorized prayers etc but having a ‘talking’ relationship with God is really important too and helps one hear His voice” [Her]- “Yes well he does pray. The other night he recited _(some prayer)__ from memory” [Me]- “Thats really good. But what I was trying to say was..(reiterated again). She went on to kind of brush it off and I finally said “I feel like you’re discounting what I’m saying” to which she FINALLY acknowledged the point I made was also true/valid. Then, she was going on and on about how my dad is stressed out; [me]- ‘maybe he needs a good massage’ to which she replied with some other thing he needed instead. Then she said he can’t sleep all night (on and on…) and I said, ‘Maybe a lil Benadryl before bed would help’ [her]- “No it won’t work.” [me]- ‘well gee, you don’t know until he tries it’ [her]- “I myself have tried it and it didn’t keep me asleep.” I finally said ‘Wow! you’re shooting down anything I say!” (nicely, with a laugh). Needless to say I couldn’t handle anymore of her complaining and the way she’d counter any positive suggestion I’d make so I got off the phone fast! Why does she do this? I know they are both stressed right now but this is a common pattern with my mother at any time in life…to despair and complain.. and when I try to offer something positive she shoots it down? How should I handle this? I’m worried she’ll drive everyone else around her away and not have any friends or anything to support her. (her friends do come and go)

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  1. Rosa says:

    MOVE OUT, thats all i can tell you

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