Has anyone ever actually got a bargain in e-Bay?

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36 Responses to “Has anyone ever actually got a bargain in e-Bay?”

  1. David V says:

    Of course you can get real bargains! You just have to be careful of the seller and only buy from people that have high ratings. The only time I have ever been screwed is from either buying or selling to someone with a low rating.. You also have to watch out for high shipping I never pay full retail and I try to figure in the amount of shipping too. It is no bargain if you have to pay triple the shipping.

  2. Tek says:

    Yes, I got a few things, a psp for 25 bucks in perfect working condition, a wii for 200 with 2 controllers and 2 nunchucks with guitar hero 3 with 2 guitars. oh and 5 psp games with a 32mb memory stick for 20 bucks. cheap on there i tell you! just gotta be patient and look around a lot.

  3. Queenie knows it all. says:

    Tons of them! Get with the program, dude.

  4. askgetanswer says:

    yes many time

  5. pathfinder says:

    Yes, many times.

  6. ~ Sєvєภ ๏f Nเภє ~ says:

    Yes… many

  7. The Happy Murcia says:

    Yes several times……….

  8. mybackhurts91111111 says:


  9. jekyll &hyde stand for my pride! says:

    heck ya! i’ve gotten a ton of ’em!

  10. Dimmu Man N says:

    yes i buy and sell there all day its the best everyone gets a bargain its like half off everything.

  11. blas says:

    Yeah, when they don’t charge 200% for shipping.


    No – everything is overbid.

  13. TMONEY says:

    nah honestly i never did the price always gets to about the retail price if the item is that good and many people bid

  14. BiBi says:

    yes, awsome 42 in flat panel tv.

  15. Kissmediehappy! says:

    Hell ya, i am a faniatic of ebay. bought me a Dior purse last week for 12.00 no joke… and I buy lots of purses and designer sunglasses on there. because I live in a small hick town in Arkansas and no one knows what the hell designer means!

  16. savethewhale says:

    yep,yesterday,got a brand new coat worth 90 quid for £1:04 p

  17. funnyjawbone says:

    It’s getting harder and harder. Not like the old times. Now if you do get a great bargain, you have to worry if it’s not a broken item, a scam or stolen goods. Ebay isn’t what it use to be.

  18. H1976 says:

    Yes, paid £10 for a part for my car, retail new they are £145+vat!
    it IS genuine a Land rover part too.

  19. w8nc says:

    I have gotten lots of great bargains on e-Bay. It was especially helpful in finding items that are not so easy to find. In my case, that was an original Nintendo and various games. If you are willing to take the time to look for good bargains, there are definitely some to be had.

  20. Sal*UK says:

    Loads of em – and I’ve sold stuff on at five times the price!

  21. cfoxwell99 says:

    Heck yes, clothing is what I seem to get the best bargains on. Just search around, check out the Buy It Now section and compare. You are sure to get a bargain most of the time.

  22. Funky munky says:

    Yes, I only look for bargains, I have a set budget. And if it’s not expensive, then if I get ripped off, it’s not so bad.

  23. Matt H says:

    never buy things from e-bay. i bought a so called "new" paintball gun from it for $350 and it was a piece of shit.
    trust me dude dont buy anything!!

  24. Skateboard king says:

    Hell no, ebay doesn’t have any deals, most of their stuff is overpriced.

    I don’t ever shop at ebay.

  25. creviazuk says:

    Yes. I won a late night auction for 1p (£0.01), paid by Paypal and collected it.

    At least the seller laughed about it…cost him at least £0.50 in fees!!

  26. chadp10 says:

    usually its for hard to find things not bargins. i am giving you a star i laughed when i red the question. because that statement is so true. once i bought something on ebay then saw it in toy r us a week later cheeper.

  27. cymraes_y_cwm says:

    I’ve had loads. My best bagain was a brand new set consisting of kettle, toaster and sandwich toaster all for £1.09. They were fairly local so I collected and didn’t even have to pay p&p.

  28. waterbug_girl says:

    I order tons of cell phones acsessories on ebay for like $10 cheaper (including shipping) than anywhere else.

  29. bails says:

    Bought a figurine for 50p, made up. But it cost me £50 in shipping. I learnt quickly to check the postage charges!!!!! But other that that yes, I bought a phone for £100 when it was brand new out and retailing at £240

  30. Dustydog says:

    Yes my wife bought her favorite antique saddle on E-Bay for less than half of what she would have paid at a tack sale. We could double our money on it if we sold it locally but she’d kill me for thinking about it 🙂 She has also done very well on dvd’s and toys.

  31. redeyesknight2050 says:

    Yes and some people have been ripped off but thats why you have the paypal account.So you can get the customer satistfaction. Also look at the product and make sure it has good percentage of feedback. Say around 90 % or higher and see the feedback.

  32. Darth Matter says:

    Yeah-You can get bargains, or get ripped off-I heard someone sold a single £1 coin for about £52! I don’t use it though so I don’t know much about Ebay.

  33. rhombus92 says:

    yeah. it is a greta thing ebay. but what annoys me is when u buy games and they say they have 6 greta games for £30 and you are like bargai, but they the games are crap and you dont want half of them. but thinks like ipods, consoles and accessories for stuff are great from it. and the delivery is good. hong kong to london in 2 days…….. great

  34. stozy77 says:

    Being a new seller to ebay i wasnt sure of the whole process and what is involved, such as being chained to the computer replying to emails, sorting out my inexperience with computers etc, but i have to say it panned out, i sold 8 items in 10 days and made a profit, here is a prime example, i recently purchased a new old stock stanley ratchet screwdriver from an ironmongers in the westerly direction (Who shall remain anonymous) only about 2months ago, i paid around the £5 mark for this, which i considered a bit on the steep side at the time, considering the old price tag had been added to with the newer price (More!). I sold this for a profit of around the 300% area, work this one out for yourself, so there is money to be made, trust me!, put in the effort and ground work, seek and eek out the hidden treasures and you shall be rewarded!!

  35. Frances M says:

    Yes,loads of stuff from my vacuum cleaner to craft materials;cat basket to clothes.And I just got 50 fir trees at a really good price.But it`s only a bargain if it`s something you need!

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