Has anyone had a good experience dealing with London Gold Refinery?

I seem to be experiencing communication difficulties and delay, dealing with the above people. In fact finding it just about impossible to get through on the Freephone provided. Has anyone had a good deal withis this company.

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3 Responses to “Has anyone had a good experience dealing with London Gold Refinery?”

  1. GeorgieeeX says:

    hi i am in the same position, no answers to emails, phone not answered, i have tracked down the director of the company mohammed habib bursk to another company he owns, a ppi operation in manchester. i rang them a few minutes ago and told the receptionist i was going to start legal action against mr bursk if my item wasn’t returned.she said i had the wrong department so obviously the companies are linked. she took my name and phone number so i’ll see what happens. i will get solicitors involved soon as it is a scam operation that relies on us losing the will to get our items back and accept poor offers. bbc watchdog did a piece on gold refinery, worth a watch.
    contact number for the ppi office is 0800 7565624. mohammed does work in this office, the more of us that track him down directly the better. good luck, chris
    p.s i am 50, fit, not skint and up for a fight, i hate to think how many skint ,vulnerable and elderly people get scammed by this man

  2. STEPHEN says:

    They’re just another "we buy gold" company.

  3. Kernow Lady says:

    All these places pay far lower than the going rate. There has been enough about them in the media. If you want to sell gold then go to a jeweller.

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