Has Anyone Listed A House With “buy Owner” Or Similar?

We would like to sell our home in order to upgrade to something a little bigger, our family is on hold until then. We owe the bank between the same as the going rate to the high side for homes in our area right now. So what we would ask is not unrealistic, but the high end of acceptable. We aren’t looking to make a profit, we just cannot short sale or afford to pay the difference. Our plan is to sell and move into an apartment to save up more money and then be able to buy the house when it comes along rather than have to try to sell ours first. We initially thought about going through a realtor, but cannot afford to pay 6% commission or to increase the price of our home by several thousand to make up for it. Our home just will not sell for that.
We are going to pay an attorney at closing to look over our stuff and make sure we are all secure. We are not worried about the doing it ourselves part of this, and we do not mind doing all the leg work to save thousands of dollars. We are wondering how this went for others. What issues did you run into with selling yourself or did everything go smoothly.
Preferably no realtors please. We already know that you are going to put down for sale by owners, because you do not make money off of them. Like we said though, we cannot afford to pay you. Just looking for those with personal experience and any advice they can give us.

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One Response to “Has Anyone Listed A House With “buy Owner” Or Similar?”

  1. fustercl says:

    My house is currently listed with ReMax. In my opinion they have done a horrible job.
    I found a realtor that is local that does everything ReMax does and more for a flat $895 instead of 3 percent. On 1/30 Im giving $395 to ReMax to get out of our agreement and listing with the otger firm.
    Then it will cost $5,000 less to sell. I will offer $4,000 cash back to the purchaser to help sell and ill still save $1,000.
    BUY OWNER seemed like a big hassle.

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