Has anyone used an RSPCA neutering voucher?

My mum qualifies for an RSPCA neutering voucher and is waiting for dates on when she can go and get one.

Has anyone here ever used them? If so how much did you save?

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One Response to “Has anyone used an RSPCA neutering voucher?”

  1. Sibohan2005 says:

    Who is eligible for the neutering vouchers?
    Cat neutering vouchers will be sold at £10 at the event and these will entitle the owner to have their cat neutered and microchipped. The average cost for neutering and microchipping a cat is normally around £50.

    The vouchers are available for people who are currently receiving benefits from the government. Visitors are urged to attend the events to purchase the low cost voucher and are asked to provide one piece of paperwork which shows that they are currently receiving benefits.

    The vouchers can then be used at the Ashby Road Veterinary Surgery in Scunthorpe and also the Old Courts Veterinary Centre in Brigg. The branch can provide transport to and from the vets if required.


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