Has This Ever Happened To You With Discounts?

I just bought a video game on the Steam website for $20 a week ago after waiting a month for some kind of sale, convinced it would never come. Now the game I bought, including an addition costing $10, and 2 other similar games for $15 and $20, are in an all in one bundle for only $8 something. I mean WTH I just finally bought that damn thing I always wanted and now you are telling I could have gotten 4 times as much of items for less than half of what I paid for the 1 thing? Has this ever happened to you?

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2 Responses to “Has This Ever Happened To You With Discounts?”

  1. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    Of course it has.
    That’s life

  2. S&J says:

    sadly, this happens a lot, especially in gaming. Annual title are the worst like Fifa football series.
    I was hit when I brought assassins creed & assassins creed 2 at the same time for £28 and 2 weeks later they released the boxset for £20
    nothing you can do legally about it. Just use the experience for next time.

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