Hasn’t This Nsa Surveillance Program Proved That Obama Is The Greatest President Ever?

No matter what anyone thinks about President Obama, personally, no one can name another President in the history of the United States that could have installed a program where every Americans privacy is violated and the people passively accept it (even if the technology existed during their terms). President Obama has permanently altered the landscape of America, like no other President could even dream of and all he has to do is smile and tell a joke and the people fall all over themselves. Those that name call him are discounted as racists and ignored by the general public. This accomplishments in five years are staggering, the NSA, NDAA, healthcare reform, expanded wars, massive deficits and spending and so many more than haven’t gotten any media coverage. The wealthy love President Obama and hope that he never leaves office. Can anyone deny that he is the greatest after this NSA program?

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4 Responses to “Hasn’t This Nsa Surveillance Program Proved That Obama Is The Greatest President Ever?”

  1. Tracy says:

    John Oliver got it right…I can just ignore you. So I will.

  2. Nick says:

    Forgive me if i’m wrong, but im fairly sure either Bush did the exact same thing, or this NSA mess was started by him. I recall something about Bush starting a terrorist surveillance program… so in my opinion as an answer to your question’ no… not really.

  3. Solar-ΑΩ says:

    The problem and challenge for most Americans is their limited ability to pay attention to the facts, as they occur. Obama did not initiate the NSA program in which Americans’ phone calls where monitored. This falls under the Patriot Act, initiated under the Bush Administration after 911. Obama’s part was to continue truculent behavior of mistrust. Truth be known, the NSA’s domestic spy program has been in progress since the 1960’s. Something beyond just Obama.

  4. jason says:

    Obama still greater than anything the Republicans had to offer the last 8 years.
    Republicans need to take off their blinders. I’m tired of this we only complain about something when the coin flips Democratic side. But say nothing when its flips Republican.

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