Have Ever Eliminated A Potential Partner From Consideration Because They Were A Slob?

This question is for men and women but men especially. Men are always considered less tidy but has there ever been a partner who you really liked in every other way but could not stand their slovenliness? What was it exactly that they were doing that made you think they were a slob?
I know a chic who looks great when she goes out but when you get to her crib you find:
A sink full of dishes (she lives alone so how long were those dishes there?)
Partially eaten food still on the plate from who knows when
Dirty bathtub with hair, dried crud, and a nasty shower curtain
Unmade bed and dirty clothes on the floor
Garbage overflowing and stinking
I never went back there but wonder how many other people discounted potential partners because they were slobs. What was your experience?

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