Have I Been Scammed? Booked Cruise Through Cruise Superstore?

I am a little worried. I was contacted by Cruise Superstore (http://www.fantasyvacationdeals.com) about a discounted cruise through Royal Caribbean. I paid them for this cruise about a month ago and have not received a booking. I have been on contact with this company by email over the course of the month but have never really thought it may be a scam till just now. My credit card has already been charged but I still have not received a booking. Is this normal? Do Travel Agencies usually take that long? My last contact with this guy was a few days ago when he said they had about 300 cabins to book and they would be doing that this weekend and he needed me to tell him the ages and names of the people sailing again (company policy). Please help!

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One Response to “Have I Been Scammed? Booked Cruise Through Cruise Superstore?”

  1. luludood says:

    I am guessing it is one of the Travel Company who reserve a block booking of cabins (at deep discount price) and then resell. This way RCI can “hide” discounting of cabins and leave someone else to sell them for RCI.
    They are usually the hard to shift / undesirable positioning / inside cabins which are used as “hook you” promotions where you buy an inside and get upgraded for free to “better” cabin.
    Probably nothing wrong with the deal other than you are probably getting what other firms are discounting as less than desirable – BUT – if you haven’t cruised before and therefore don’t know the ropes and if you don’t know/understand the cabin type/positioning you may not be getting the “good deal” you think you are!
    Short answer is ask some questions about what you are actually getting!

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