Have I Been Scammed, Please Help Me?

So I have put my car up for sale and this guy called Steven Patrick emailed me straight away.
And to my excitement I responded immediately, it has been three days since we started talking
And so far he has my account (which I stupidly gave him). But as soon as I realised it was a scam I deleted the my account. Before doing this I made sure that my account history was $0.00
I emailed him saying that this deal can’t go further and he went on to say he had already sent the money to my account and that the money has been deducted from his account.(which freaks me out!!)
He continues on to say that he will contact the FBI etc and that obviously I need to give him the car now…
I am going to suspend my bank account for the following few days as soon as I can.
Can someone please give me some advice on what to do? And if I have been scammed and am liable to giving him a car or that I have “stolen” his money and not given him the car in return.
Please reply with any information you can give me. I am stressing out.

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3 Responses to “Have I Been Scammed, Please Help Me?”

  1. Division says:

    This is clearly a scam, if you’re still worried contact your local police dep’t and speak with them as well as your bank (your bank will have a fraud prevention person that specializes in these types of situations)

  2. Patato says:

    you might have been scammed. But remember, what goes on the internet STAYS on the internet. Even if you delete it, its never truly deleted. Anyone esp. police and amazing hackers can access this information. If you really need proof the money had been deducted, call the police maybe, and ask to see if they can check if the money was removed from the account from steven’s account. Be sure to explain the situation in depth

  3. David GH UK says:

    If he is right that his money has reached your account then he is right in saying you should give him the car. I see no reason why not ? You can make sure of the money surely ? Perhaps it wasn’t a scam ? Not everything is scams.Just be sure you have received his money.

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